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Joe aka JoeJoe (Korea)

Hi Everyone, JoeJoe here – guess what!!!I got adopted!!! What a day I had yesterday at the nice Vet’s office getting ready for my new home. They gave me a dental so my toofers are shiny and bright! They put in a microchip, so now I’m a bionic dog. Then, well, I cannot even talk about the loss of my family jewels…I’m a little groggy, but happy to be ready to go. I’ll send photos once I get to my new home – I am really excited to meet my new family. I’ve learned a new trick for them If I put my paw on a human’s leg, and don’t let go, I get a hug. I love getting hugs and kisses

Joe has finally decided that snuggling is a good thing. He has learned from the little people (Bichons) that it is fun to bark at dogs being walked down his street. Even though dogs make their own vitamin C, he supplements his by eating the low hanging oranges and leaping up to get the higher ones. He has learned from the Bichon how to shell pecans.

He still exhibits some survival instincts. I keep food out for the dogs 24/7. He still snatches a mouth full and eats it someplace away from the food bin. Sudden loud noises scare him, but he is OK with fireworks.

I love giving him treats just to watch how happy it makes him. He bounces up and down and in circles.

Those are the updates on Joe. I am really happy that he is a member of my household

Joe's Happily Ever After began during the late Summer of 2019. Earlier life in South Korea was difficult; his first years were ones of mere survival. Now a senior at what we believe is almost 10 years young, Jo Jo is the master of comfort and ease, keeps his human in line and is thoroughly enjoying his golden years.
"Watching Joe's (Jo Jo) transformations over the past 4 or 5 years has been a joy. He still bounces like a ball when he is going to get a treat or if I'm topping off his feed bin - even if still half full - he has access to food 24/7. He carries a mouth full to the love seat, drops the food, then eats it and repeats the process until he feels satisfied. I guess he likes having his own table to eat off of.
He has become a real couch potato this year and wants me to be inside. When I'm out in the yard, he will come out to see what I'm doing, finds a shady spot and watches. After a while of watching, he decides it's time for inside and tries to herd me in too. He has mastered the Borzoi block but after a number of attempts he'll just go in by himself. He likes going for walks but only to the end of the drive, where he urinates on the rose bush and tries to head back in. I tell him we are not going in yet after I went to all the trouble of attaching a lead so we happily go along. He absolutely knows where home is when I am ready to return.
He still startles with sudden loud noises, like me dropping something on the tile floor. Does not like when I clean house; he will go to another room and watch to see if he needs to move again, he has a thing about the vacuum cleaner. One Borzoi habit that he broke himself of is snatching food off the counter top. This happened the first month he moved in with me. I just got something out of the freezer and unthinking left it on the stove top. I turned around and he had snatched it. I hollered leave it! He did and it hit the tile floor emitting a loud sound. He still cruises the counter tops, but does not take anything even when in reach. He does like to snuggle finally. The one thing that I wish he would stop doing is deciding when I should get up in the morning.
That is my beloved Big Puppy at this stage of his evolutionary process."

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