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Joe aka JoeJoe (Korea)

Hi Everyone, JoeJoe here – guess what!!!I got adopted!!! What a day I had yesterday at the nice Vet’s office getting ready for my new home. They gave me a dental so my toofers are shiny and bright! They put in a microchip, so now I’m a bionic dog. Then, well, I cannot even talk about the loss of my family jewels…I’m a little groggy, but happy to be ready to go. I’ll send photos once I get to my new home – I am really excited to meet my new family. I’ve learned a new trick for them If I put my paw on a human’s leg, and don’t let go, I get a hug. I love getting hugs and kisses

Joe has finally decided that snuggling is a good thing. He has learned from the little people (Bichons) that it is fun to bark at dogs being walked down his street. Even though dogs make their own vitamin C, he supplements his by eating the low hanging oranges and leaping up to get the higher ones. He has learned from the Bichon how to shell pecans.

He still exhibits some survival instincts. I keep food out for the dogs 24/7. He still snatches a mouth full and eats it someplace away from the food bin. Sudden loud noises scare him, but he is OK with fireworks.

I love giving him treats just to watch how happy it makes him. He bounces up and down and in circles.

Those are the updates on Joe. I am really happy that he is a member of my household

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