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Bandit aka Dandy

Bandit came to us approximately 5 years ago from Texas. When he arrived, he was very skittish and did not want to be around his play mate, Max nor us. After several weeks, he slowly began to get accustomed to his new surroundings. I am not sure what he had gone through before joining my family but he was slow to make tiny improvements.
He was fearful of eating when Max was around so we think he needed to fight for his food in his previous life. Today, he continues to be a tad skittish but he has made great progress since he came home to us. He enjoys his French toast for breakfast and playing with Max and the family. He loves being petted and does well with nail trims.
I can't even imagine not having him as part of our family. He is a tad stubborn but very affectionate. Thank You NBRF for entrusting this gentle friend to me and my family."
We are so happy for you, Bandit!! Thank you, Don and family for giving this handsome boy the space he needed to adjust and realize that he was safe and loved at last!

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