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Bravo was bred by Marianne Conran and was adopted along with his father Talent when Marianne passed away. He had a successful show career with Marianne, winning his age division the first time

Bravo just turned 13, he loves cheeseburgers and butter. He is his mom's constant shadow. Every day he asks his dad to take him for his "road Patrol" so the two of them can go for a ride around the block and Bravo can make sure "his" roads are clear. If he sees anyone or anything in or near his road he tells them! Including the red elephant statue that someone placed by their mailbox. It is much too close to his road and he barks at it nearly evert time he goes past it.

Age is starting to take it's toll on him, so now he chases the 14 month old puppy and mooches pats of butter when he can get away with it, we love him to the moon and back. He is my loyal shadow and has slept on my bed every night since we spent our first night together in a hotel in Virginia - Our beautiful Bravo

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