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Sergei (Korea)

Sergei was rescued in Andong, South Korea in August 2016. When I saw him on the NBRF website, his intense eyes spoke to me. He was not cat friendly, and my husband had 2 cats, so that was that. But I kept going back to look at Sergei's eyes...and he was still available...

Pictured here getting his first bath in South Korea:

He arrived to me in the USA on December 9, 2016 and fit right in with Mishca, Nikolai and Vladimir, our other NBRF Borzoi. He ignored the cats. Unfortunately he was heartworm positive, which many of the dogs coming from South Korea are, but NBRF was there to help cure him. My husband nicknamed him "The Bandit" because of his dramatic black mask.

Sergei was quite smart and eager to please. He knew how to sit, lie down, and give his paw when asked. he was quite skilled at catching things in his moth. When Nikolai started to howl, Sergeit joined in with a deep baritone. He had a funny habit of lying on his side, putting his paw up by his ear, moving it back and forth over his eyes, wriggling and grumbling loudly - as though to say "I don't want to hear about that!". His deep soulful eyes followed me everywhere. his perky ears stood up high at the slightest sound. He drank a lot of water, leaving a slobbery ring of drool in the bowl. At 8:30pm daily he would lobby me for his evening walk. He always led. Little dogs, cats, squirrels, bicyclists, joggers and motorcycles triggered his strong prey drive.

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