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Lexi Rose aka Rose

On this day six years ago it was a Sunday. Father's Day Sunday! And the miracle of puppyhood began for seven precious souls. On this day six years ago, they became orphans after losing their Mom Chloe and four siblings we would never know. On this day six years ago the Florida Puppy Pack began their journey through this life.
Weaned by surrogate Mom, Donna the Greyhound, aided by the helping hands of caring humans; on this day six years ago were the beginnings of a Borzoi puppy love story.
On this day - today - as we celebrate the lives of the darling Lexi~Rose, Viktor, Dimitri, Alcide and Rayne, we mourn the loss of dear brother Alek who joined Mom Chloe at the bridge this past April. And we send strength to brother Dimitri recovering from a terrible accident.
They are once in a lifetime. They are miracles on paws. Alike in so many ways, they are family. We are family - a family connected by the love, joy and sorrow of these sweet, innocent souls... Happy birthday babies! You are all loved more than you know

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